Scan patient IDs and samples quickly & safely

Download the free Healthcare Express App now on any iOS device. 


Aila's scanning technology can keep healthcare workers safe by capturing patient ID and specimen samples without the need for unnecessary physical contact.

Aila’s Healthcare Express app leverages Aila’s powerful scanning capabilities to quickly capture patient data information from US driver’s licenses and barcodes from specimen collection tubes, minimizing the need for unnecessary physical contact.



Easily scans the following barcodes:

Specimen collection tube barcode data

  • Code-128
  • EAN-13
  • QR Code
  • Micro QR
  • GS1

All U.S. driver’s licenses

  • PDF-417

How the app works: 

  1. Download the app for free on any iOS device on the App Store
  2. Select the Patient Data Capture mode in the app
  3. Scan patient ID documents
  4. Scan the corresponding barcode on the specimen collection tubes
  5. Print or export the collected and parsed data instantly


Completely free and available for immediate download on any iOS device.

  • Healthcare workers can scan patient driver’s license and pair with barcodes on specimens
  • Data captures can be easily printed via AirPrint or exported
  • No manual data entry is required during test administration
  • Can be used in field testing process including drive-throughs field hospitals
  • HIPAA-compliant app – no data is kept within the app on the device or shared with Aila or any 3rd party

Leading healthcare providers worldwide turn to Aila.

We make every interaction and transaction more valuable for our healthcare customers.


About Aila


Built for the modern enterprise, Aila's imaged-based scanning software and customer-facing hardware add lightning-fast and ultra-intuitive scanning capabilities to iOS systems— replacing bulky and expensive legacy scanning systems —and bringing future-proof digital experiences to any physical environment.



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