Press Release: Aila Technologies Brings the Future of Grocery Technology to

By Alex Goodwin September 25, 2017

Aila Technologies to demonstrate how personalization in grocery technology improves the customer experience and leads to greater profits for retailers at...

Upping The In-Store Tech Game In Grocery: A Do-Or-Die Proposition

By Alex Goodwin September 14, 2017

“The grocery business truly is at a digital tipping point, where every aspect of the shopper’s journey will soon be influenced by digital, and...

Product selectors, loyalty kiosks and smart fitting rooms—oh my!

By Alex Goodwin August 28, 2017

How Aila solutions improve the consumer experience

With product installations spanning verticals such as grocery, healthcare, fashion retail, and...

Solving for Grocery Checkout

By Alex Goodwin August 08, 2017

Online shopping has yet to make the same dent in food and beverage retail that it has in other sectors, accounting for only 4.3 percent of grocery...